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Advertise on vehicles and private properties nationwide!

  • No line up compare to traditional outdoor advertising
  • Choose specific driver or property to reach more impressions at targeted areas
  • Start advertising campaign in a short period
  • Track advertising campaigns in real time through personal dashboard
  • Pay less compare to traditional outdoor advertising
  • Increase sales and recognition of the Brand

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Why NEWTRACK Advertising?

We provide unique advertisements of personalized brands on everyday city drivers’ cars, which can effectively help your company reach new consumers beyond the scope of traditional billboards and other out-of-home advertising.
NEWTRACK Advertising not only ensures the creation of an effective design, but the printing, installation and removal of a vehicle’s decals.
For each unique company, we create a personal dashboard for the tracking and analytics of active advertising campaigns.
We are excited to increase both the sales and brand awareness for your company, so please contact us today to reserve the best car routes for your next advertising campaign.